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Sunday 20 September 2015

Cross Orbweaver Spider

Spiders Around My House

It has been a bad year for lots of spiders around my house, both inside and outside, in the garden, on the deck, everywhere.  These bigger ones are on the deck and garden plants.  I looked this type up and found out their bite can make you quite sick for days and here I am poking them with my finger.


  When I started to take these pictures, this female spider ran up her web to the top of the deck railing.  Normally they hang upside down on their web.

  A face only a mother could love.  She had her round web between my barbecue and the railing. 

  This picture was taken when she was still on her web.  I read on the internet that the dots on the underside of the abdomen form a cross and there it is.

  Same type of spider but this one was on a web covered in aphids.  It was between a Korean Lilac bush and a fence in my yard.  This lady was in the middle of her web upside down just like the book said.

  Same one from the other side of the fence.  This type of spider originated in Europe but has been in this country for a long time now.  The spiders don't bother me, the webs drive me crazy as they get in your face, hair, arms and clothing.  Every time you go out on the porch or deck in the morning, the webs are stretched from one end to the other.  Those webs are from a different type of spider, not the ones in these pictures.  

I found this picture I had taken September 2013.  Same type of spider.  Must be a relative of this years pictures.